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Happiness Speaks Louder

  • Mr. Kodali Raja Rama Mohan Rao

    Cardiologist, Dr Ramesh Hospitals, Vijayawada

    The location advantage together with the developer's reputation and beautiful plan of the towers impressed me to buy at Mid Valley City. I am very happy about my investment and would suggest Mid Valley City to my dear friends and relatives too.

    The staff at Mid Valley City are very cooperative and helped me a lot while I was to take a purchase decision. I'm happy that the project is being built as per planned schedule.

  • Dr. M.C. Das

    Professor & Management Consultant, Vijayawada

    Mid Valley City Apartment is the choice of me and my wife Lakshmi. The first thing that attracted us is the caption “Happy Living” as it is the ultimate goal of life. The second factor that influenced us is the ambience of the surroundings with hillock on one side and natural forest on the other side.

    We feel that our investment is worth to the last paisa because the project is in the heart of Amaravathi, the dream capital of Andhra Pradesh.

    We have already recommended to our friends and relatives to join us in the place of happy living. We wish the project, which is going to be a great Land Mark in the new Capital City, a grand success!

  • Dr. Bobba Prabhakar Raju

    Chief Medical Officer, Railways, Vijayawada

    I'm delighted to be a part of this wonderful project Mid Valley City. Right location and extraordinary ambience impressed us instantly when we first visited Mid Valley. The customer interface at Mid Valley project is very welcoming, they answered all our questions very patiently and helped us understand the project better.

    Now, we are greatly satisfied to own our dream home at Mid Valley City and are also suggesting Mid Valley City to all our close friends and relatives. The project is undoubtedly the best investment.

  • Mr. Sandeep Kumar Gangavarapu

    Software Engineer, Mumbai

    Mid Valley City impressed me because of its awesome construction quality and prime location. The project is a well laid out gated community with enough greenery and open space. The amenities and facilities of the project are unbeatable.

    We had a great experience visiting Mid Valley City for the first time, the staff were very friendly and explained about the project in great detail. I feel very glad for my purchasing decision and strongly suggest Mid Valley City to all my acquaintances.

  • Rajkumar Pendurty

    Project Manager, Capgemini, Hyderabad

    I am delighted to be a part of the LEPL family by booking a flat during the launch. I believe in the reputation of LEPL brand and their successful track record of completing projects ontime. Most importantly, I was quite impressed with LEPL for following Green Building norms, which shows their commitment to environmental conservation.

    Finally, the serene location close to important hospitals and educational institutions together with strategic proximity to the new capital region of Andhra Pradesh persuaded me to buy at LEPL.

    I wish all the team of LEPL a great success and other delighted owners like me, a warm welcome to the fraternity.

  • Mr. Vallurupalli Prabhu Prasad

    Entrepreneur, Vijayawada

    Mid Valley City wooed me with its prime location and enthralling scenic beauty. I personally made a decision to buy at Mid Valley City given its location advantage and the brand Shapoorji Pallonji behind the project. In addition, the scenic beauty of the whole project is mesmerizing, the project progressed as per the promised schedule.

    I am happy for my investment and suggesting Mid Valley City to my friends too. You don't often get to see an irresistible package of both location advantage and construction quality Mid Valley City is the choice!

  • Mr. Vasireddy Nagarjuna

    Entrepreneur, Vijayawada

    The reputation of developers and contractors together with the features and accessibility to location made me buy at Mid Valley City. It was also a wonderful experience dealing with everyone at the project's office, everyone was very cooperative and answered all my queries on time.

    I happily recommend Mid Valley City to anyone looking to purchase property in and around the capital city.

  • Mr. Uppugundla Nirmal

    Entrepreneur, Vijayawada

    The striking scenic beauty and location advantage of Mid Valley City together with the tag of the reputed LEPL and the contractor Shapoorji Pallonji persuaded me to buy.

    I'm quite impressed with the overall plan and execution of the property. I feel happy to be a part of this lovely gated community, and strongly recommend Mid Valley City to anyone looking to buy property at the moment.

  • Mr. Srikar Palepu

    Software Professional, NRI

    I fell in love with Mid Valley City right during our first visit. Appealing location and beautiful layout of the project is incomparable. The location advantage, reasonable price and amenities of the project are irresistible.

    The staff at Mid Valley City are very supportive, they made our purchasing decision process easier by answering all our queries. I strongly recommend Mid Valley City to anyone looking to purchase property in the new capital the best investment indeed!

  • Mr. Maari Nagaraja Kumar

    Vice President, Consulting Service, Bank Of America, Dallas

    I was very much impressed by the International Standard Construction of Mid Valley City project. The location of the project is also very strategic with other commercial projects nearby. With these, I'm sure my investment is worth it and is sure to appreciate in the future.

    The Mid Valley City team is awesome, they are very helpful and continuously work towards improvement by being open to suggestions from customers like us. I will definitely recommend the project to my close friends and relatives.

  • Mr. Marri Satish Babu

    Vice President, Consulting Service, Bank Of America, Dallas

    Location and builder's reputation is what prompted me to confidently buy Mid Valley City. The project has always been progressing as per the promised schedule and we are very confident that our investment will also appreciate reasonably well in the future.

    Mid Valley City has an excellent team who are open to suggestions from all buyers.